Nadia Mediavilla, Sisä Patterns

About me

I am Nadia Mediavilla, I was born in Tarragona but I live in Barcelona. I studied Fashion Design at the Idep School and during those years I sewed a large part of the clothes I wore. I parked the sewing machine when I started working, first in the world of styling and then in two companies related to the Inditex Group. With the loss of my mother I decided that I did not want to continue working at that rate and in that way so I started my own clothing brand. It was called "sevendelonce" and I dedicated almost five years to it designing collections that were produced in local workshops. Eight collections later I decided to stop because I was not sure where to shoot and the desire was not the same as at the beginning, and I reluctantly did not work. During that break I had Mia and two years later here I am, with a new project that combines everything I want to do now and with all the desire that is needed.

On how Sisä arrived

After 16 months with hardly any separation, Mia started going to daycare for a few hours and suddenly had some free time. I had to find my way back to the world of work, but I was very lost and it was only clear to me that I did not want to return to where I had left off. While I was looking for it, the body asked me to sew, I guess I missed choosing and combining fabrics which was what I liked the most about my work. I sewed for her and the patterns that I always found I ended up modifying so change after change in the end the idea came suddenly, I would make my own collection of patterns.

It took me much longer to prepare it than I thought, but it has worked for me as if it were a normal garment collection, with its corrections and changes, with all kinds of tests so that each pattern looks good with different fabrics. I don't know how to do it any other way. I have knowledge of pattern making but not enough to offer it in a professional way, so a team of pattern makers is in charge of the patterns that work with many of the brands you know, don't worry, we are in very good hands. They shape my ideas and I pamper them like a real collection. I coordinate the fabrics of the samples so that you have my vision of the garments even if later you do something very different with the same pattern. I go around each model a lot to find the easiest way to sew it and I explain it to you in each tutorial taking into account the possible fears you may have because I have them too. And what I really have is wanting, wanting to see where all this takes me and wanting you to try it.